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Pix Edit Software Suite is your link between paper, digital documents and Your archive. Whether your company’s document management system is a simple one or more complex, advanced DMS software, you need documents of good quality and preserved correctly for future generation software.
Learn to know the features of PixEdit® software. How you can easily scan and capture data, automate the processing, do interactive editing and convert all types of documents.

Complete solution for scanning / document capture on Workstation

Control all scanners with the same user interface

Simplify scanning of large volumes of documents

Optimize scanned documents automatically or manually

Interactive tools for editing of documents

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Automatic processing of documents from scanners, e-mail and network folders.

Server service that can be integrated with DMS/ECM

Documents are separated, enhanced and then sent to archive system for electronic filing

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Automatic conversion and archiving of electronic documents (digital born and scanned) to PDF file standard

Server service that can be integrated with DMS/ECM

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Desktop software for view, print, markup and comment on documents

Secure redaction of sensitive information

Easy Scan functionality

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PixEdit® DesktopPixEdit® ServerPixEdit® Converter ServerPixView®
SetupDesktop/ Workstation Server service Server serviceDesktop/ Workstation
Document scanning with optimization and separation ♦
File format conversion
Document editing and composing
Viewing, printing and redaction ♦
Automatic document delivery to DMS/ECM systems
PixEdit® Connect scanners

PixEdit® Connect scanners

Connect scanners. Different options for connection of scanners, software and the system. Multifunctional printers in a network. Network scanners and multifunction printers are usually set up to deliver scanned documents in shared folders on your intranet. PixEdit software can be set up to watch these folders and display and process the documents as they come in from the scanner.

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PixEdit® Scanner management

PixEdit® Scanner management

Scanner management. Regardless of the type of scanner, PixEdit’s unique ScanBar™ window gives you the ability to quickly choose scanning options such as colors, page size, resolution etc. Then just click the green scan button. It’s as simple as that!

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PixEdit® PDF archive

PixEdit® PDF archive

PDF Archive: PDF/A is a format specialized for long-term preservation of electronic documents. It ensures all needed information is included to render the document exactly as the original in the future and on any system. PDF/A is now an ISO standard and recommended by public archives administrations and archiving companies worldwide.

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PixEdit® Desktop

PixEdit® Desktop

PixEdit® Desktop communicates with the scanner to always get the best performance in terms of scanning and data-transfer speed. 25 years of experience with different scanners and TWAIN drivers has made PixEdit® Desktop an industry standard for interfacing with document scanners. We work closely with the major scanner manufacturers to make sure new scanners and drivers will always work reliably and efficiently together with PixEdit.

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Docuvan was established in 2001. Based in Melbourne we offer convenient onsite and traditional bureau scanning services in all Australian capital cities and most regional centres.

Docuvan has a broad range of experience with many different industries. We have worked with banks, utilities, government (local, state & federal), manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, medical and insurance providers.

We have developed partnerships with recognised names in the industry such as Image Access, Fujitsu, Kodak, Canon, Iris, PixEdit, CloudPlus, Frisk and HP.

The name Docuvan is derived for the origins of the business where we provided our scanning services from a van. The vehicle, which is still used today, has all the necessary equipment and software installed on board. Since our service can be mobile we can come to your location and either scan onsite in your offices where available or in the van. Your documents remain secure as they never leave the premises. Docuvan uses the best equipment and software available, on par with what is used by largest corporate entities globally. This means smaller business can access the same quality, speed and accessibility without the large capital investment.

Docuvan provide the secure document preparation and scanning services for corporate and government accounts across Australia.

If it is deemed part of your core business, Docuvan can supply, install and train you to operate your own scanning solution to integrate with a document management solution. Our solutions are scalable and we offer a wide variety of options to suit most budgets.

Docuvan provide the secure document preparation and scanning services for corporate and government accounts across Australia.”



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    The Docuvan Team look after clients all over Australia, NZ, in the Pacific Islands and PNG.  We help clients setup scanning solutions for most document types. A solution can be found to enable them to scan every document in their business. 
    If you have fragile, sensitive or confidential documents you would like to scan yourself, we would be happy to discuss your needs and put a solution together for you. We can recommend the right scanner for the job along with appropriate capture software and work processes to make the job clean, straight forward and efficient.
    For a smaller project we may even have a scanner you can rent to save the capital expense of buying a solution. 

    Call to arrange a complimentary consultation