ScannER installation

When docuvan sell you a scanner, the offering always comes with an option for us to do the installation and training.

Your new scanner enables you to digitize hard copies of documents, photos and artwork — after it’s installed, that is. While the process of installing new hardware like scanners is considerably easier now than it was in the past, the task can still be daunting for a newcomer. The exact process of installing your new scanner will vary from one manufacturer and model to the next, but just about any scanning device will have some similarities. The Docuvan team can make this process easier for you to integrate a new scanner into your organisation for optimal performance.


The Image Access Bookeye and WideTEK Scanners have a common platform for installation.  They are usually connected to a Network with a Fixed IP Address and output from the scanner is either to a Network SMB Location or USB Drive.
Once a scanner had been delivered to you facility we help you set it up in your preferred location.  This can be done Remotely via Teams or TeamViewer, working with your IT Team or we can actually come to site and do it for you.  We will still need one of your IT Team available to ensure we can connect to your network and an IP Address can be allocated.

Once setup up, we would then configure the Network connection and any SMB Output locations for transfer of the final scannerd documents to.



Multiple users can be in the training session at one time.  This can be undertaken on site or remotely, usually using TEAMS.  If it is undertaken remotely, the workstation that is primarily connected to the scanner needs to be near the scanner so the demonstration of processes can be applied a once to reinforce the learning.  It also means the scanner and PC need to be connected to the network.
If they are not on a network, then we would do the training using one of our scanners and a video camera to demonstrate the processes.
The training covers Network Outputs, Job Setups, Scanner Profiles, Users Profiles, Image management and correction, file naming and transfer of images to output location.
There may be some other nuances specific to the types of documents you are scanning and specific output requirements that will also be dealt with.  It would be good for you to have some idea of what you want before the training starts, however we can always respond to questions after the training session is complete.


Docuvan provide the secure document preparation and scanning services for corporate and government accounts across Australia.”



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    The Docuvan Team look after clients all over Australia, NZ, in the Pacific Islands and PNG.  We help clients setup scanning solutions for most document types. A solution can be found to enable them to scan every document in their business. 
    If you have fragile, sensitive or confidential documents you would like to scan yourself, we would be happy to discuss your needs and put a solution together for you. We can recommend the right scanner for the job along with appropriate capture software and work processes to make the job clean, straight forward and efficient.
    For a smaller project we may even have a scanner you can rent to save the capital expense of buying a solution. 

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