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Founded in 1993, Image Access is a technology market leader developing and delivering innovative large format scanners and digitization solutions to customers based in nearly every country across the globe.

Image Access scanners produce the highest quality image output at the fastest speed available in the large format market. We are committed to providing products with a focus on ecology and sustainability by using long-life LED illumination, ongoing compliance with electrical and ecological norms and standards, and through our own technological platform, Scan2Net® – a recognized standard for reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

Image Access is the only scanner manufacturer that offers products in all large format segments:

Image Access has a large, highly qualified staff; the majority of whom are hardware, software and production engineers who put quality as their top priority – from the first idea for a new product, through development, series manufacturing, delivery to customers and what´s most important, after-sales service and support. An Image Access scanner at a customer location can be easily kept up to date with the latest hardware and firmware without ever having to move it.

Would you like to learn more about Image Access? Discover more about Image Access products in the following presentations:

Headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany and also located in the Chicago metropolitan area in Elgin, Illinois; Image Access is never far away. A large number of authorized service providers in countries on every continent ensure that wherever you are, you have a competent partner nearby.

The Docuvan Team travel all over Australia, undertaking scanning projects from 1 day to many months.  If you have sensitive or confidential documents you would like to scan, or some that you need access to on a daily basis, we would be happy to discuss your needs and put a solution together for you. This could be scanning them for you or helping you setup your own scanning solution! However, if you are happy for us to collect the documents and scan them in our secure facility in Melbourne we can help you with that as well.

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