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Scanner management

Why use PixEdit software for all the scanning in your company?

Uniform user interface

Different scanners utilize quite different user interfaces.

Regardless of the type of scanner, PixEdit’s unique ScanBar™ window gives you the ability to quickly choose scanning options such as colors, page size, resolution etc. Then just click the green scan button. It’s as simple as that!

Save different scanner setups as Profiles

One of the major advantages of PixEdit® Desktop is its ability to manage profiles, i.e. scanner presets.

Paper documents come in many different shapes and colors, and document scanners generally have a wide range of capabilities and settings. Adjusting color, resolution, page size, etc. whenever you scan a different type of document, or use a different scanner, is tedious and can lead to human errors. The result can be less than optimal scan quality or even loss of data.

With PixEdit®, you can save your scanner preferences as a profile, and then quickly load them again later with a couple of mouse-clicks. This way, you make sure that anyone who is scanning documents into the document management system will always be using the correct and optimal scanner settings for the job.

Scan with all types of scanners

Documents come in so many shapes and forms that one type of scanner cannot fit them all. Below is a description of the most common types today.

You can use PixEdit software with all of them!


Scanner management software

PixEdit Desktop

Integration: PixEdit Server and PixEdit Desktop

Use PixEdit Server as an administration tool for Scanning Profiles in PixEdit Desktop!