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Document scanning

Document scanners usually come with a bundle of “free” scanning software. So why would you need additional software to do the scanning job?

⇒ You want high quality digital documents!

⇒ You want effective and time-saving routines for filing!

⇒ You want to ensure future readability and conservation!

The digital document produced must be of excellent quality, regardless of the type of scanner and the paper document. See how PixEdit software will help you accomplish this effortlessly.

Connect scanners

Scanner management

High volume batch scanning

An automated document flow according to your specific needs will save time and manual work. With PixEdit software you can process an unlimited amount of documents.

Separation and indexing

Scanning many documents as one batch, one usually gets one single, big file back from the scanner. You need a way to automatically identify each document and divide the batch into separate files.

Cleaning up and optimizing scans

Cleanup and optimize to ensure that each document going into the database is perfectly readable and preserves all information from the original on paper. Minimize file size while retaining a pristine image quality.

OCR (Text recognition)

To make the text in your scanned document searchable and reusable, you need a tool to convert the image of the text to real electronic text.

Scan to PDF

Document system integration

PixEdit® Software can be seamlessly integrated with your document and content management system (DMS/ECM) and deliver batch-scanned documents directly to the database or indirectly via a manual registration process.

Document scanning software

PixEdit Desktop: Document scanning on workstation

PixEdit Server: Automatic image processing as server service