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Image Access Celebrates 25th Anniversary – A Glance Back and a Long Look Ahead

Wuppertal, Germany – February 14, 2019

Thomas Ingendoh, CEO and founder of Image Access, started the business in February 1994 from the ground up, with a vision of producing the best camera optics on the market. In the 25 years since, Image Access has become the technology leader in large format scanning. “We always focused on the core technology of scanners and grew from a camera manufacturer to today´s large format scanner manufacturer“ said CEO Ingendoh. From its first graphic board with a full color resolution of 1600*1200, developed in 1994 and sold through Siemens Medical; Image Access has emerged to become a highly diversified wide format scanner vendor with the most expansive product offering in the industry — not only sheet feed scanners up to 60″ wide but also book scanners and flatbed scanners in various sizes and a large number of OEM devices.

Where It All Started

All development and manufacturing is located in Wuppertal, Germany, at the same address where it all started 25 years ago. Today, the company occupies more than 5000m2 of factory space and employs 65 people at its headquarters.

In 2010, Rüdiger Klepsch joined Image Access and became COO, responsible for marketing and sales. Shortly after, the sister company Image Access LP was established in Chicago and is now serving the U.S., Canada and Latin/South America. The company´s products today are sold through our worldwide distributor and reseller network, which is supported by our 15 member team of highly experienced sales representatives.

Looking Forward

Last year Image Access created a new market segment with the introduction of the WideTEK ART which resulted in a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm in the museum, gallery and fine art communities since it sells for a fraction of the price charged by competitors. As a result, 2018 became the year with the highest revenues ever and in 2019, double digit growth is again expected. Image Access is a privately owned business, independent of investors or stock owners, which allows the management to plan ahead on a long term basis and to ensure solid, healthy growth.



About Image Access

Image Access is the technology leader in the large format scanning market and offers products in all large format segments: Bookeye®overhead scanners for valuable books more than A1 in size, WideTEK® ART non-contact fine art scanner for formats up to 36 x 60 inches, WideTEK® flatbed scanners for formats greater than A2 / 25×18.5″, WideTEK® sheet feed scanners for documents between 36″, 48″ and 60″ and 36″ duplex scanners for high volume production of double sided scans.