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Scan to an SMB Share

This FAQ will guide you through the typical setup procedures necessary to scan to remote resources like SMB shares.

Image Access scanners are not only a peripheral, like other scanners and printers, they also include a Linux PC which can actively send data to various network resources. If this functionality is not needed, the installation process is as simple as installing any other network peripheral. The scanner needs a valid IP address and a correct subnet mask. In some cases, it might be required to also define the IP address of the gateway to connect to other subnets. If the scanner and the host are in the same subnet, the gateway should have the same IP as the scanner or it should be left blank.

To leverage the full functionality including the capability to scan to remote resources like SMB shares, the scanner and the host(s) must be configured correctly. There are many network architectures and many operating systems existing and this FAQ will guide you through the typical setup procedures necessary to accomplish this task. The screen shots are only examples and the descriptions might not exactly match what you find in your current system environment, but we believe that this FAQ can give answers to most questions. The intended target audience is the administrator of the target network, who would also have all the necessary access right to include a new PC into the network.

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