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Image Access, the world leader in large format scanning technology, is pleased to introduce the new WideTEK® 60CL, the largest WideTEK® scanner. This new product complements the powerful line of WideTEK scanners, with models now ranging from 36″ to 48″ and 60″ scanning widths. Speed can be up to 15″/s for the full width in grayscale but is limited to 10″/s for safe paper handling.

The WideTEK 60CL scans face up and always at full speed, which is far more productive than the face down scanning that competing CCD scanners still do. Face up scanning also poses the least stress on the surface of the document and the scanning glass. The WideTEK 60CL paper transport is so gentle that one could throw a business card on top of the document while scanning and scan it without skew, something you can only do on Image Access scanners.

Standard for all Image Access wide format scanners is that the paper path is stainless steel and glass only, making it anti-static, low friction, easy to clean and easy to replace if ever necessary. The manually operated thick media control allows the user to adjust the thickness and consequently control the impact on the document. In addition to the 21″ full HD touchscreen and the ScanWizard software, the WideTEK 60CL features an additional center-mounted 7″ WVGA touchscreen for direct scanner control.

Already known for its unmatched image quality, it is no surprise that this WideTEK scanner comes fully equipped with on board ICC profiles, closed loop profiling software, extensive image manipulation and cleanup functions, scan templates and many other features at no extra cost.

“We saw a need for an easy to use, affordable 60″ scanner and we designed a fully featured product for just under $20,000 AUD which will start shipping at the end of Q3/18” says Thomas Ingendoh, CEO of Image Access. “Some competitors charge more than twice this amount for a comparable product bundle”.

The scanner ships bundled with a 60″ floorstand, the powerful ScanWizard software, a 21″ full HD touchscreen, a built in PC and one year of Full Coverage Warranty; which covers even the scan glass and the transport drums. The Batch Scan Wizard and various PrintWizards for most wide format printers are the only options not included.

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