Increasing amounts of information, regulatory pressures to retain important records and document access requirements pose exceptional document storage challenges.

This is particularly true of HR and Payroll documents. The challenge of managing both existing records and day forward documents while maintaining ready access with limited space can be considered too hard. However, the solution is often highly achievable and can provide a valuable opportunity to improve business practise.

 Scope (What is the situation?)
Like any organisation, businesses require quick and easy access to HR, Payroll and other critical files. As the amount of information increases overtime, HR and Payroll files begin to take up space and make finding important information difficult and time consuming. Further to this, many organisations often need to share information across offices or geographic locations. To overcome this issue there is an opportunity to introduce an electronic system to improve access to critical information.

Proposition (further challenges)

Businesses face several challenges in tackling storage and space issues associated with their HR and Payroll files:

  • records are often highly sensitive,
  • existing processes cannot be interrupted and
  • active files are frequently accessed and changed

The Solution (execution)

Docuvan will work closely with your HR and Payroll Departments to design and implement an electronic system to meet your needs and overcome any associated challenges. Some of the outcomes you can expect are:

  • Improved access to information by facilitating the implementation of a electronic system
  • Search functionality to quickly identify relevant information
  • The elimination of storage costs either onsite or offsite
  • Improved workflow though simultaneous access to documents and the elimination of lost documents
  • More convenient information sharing, leading too greater collaboration across geographical locations and a reduction in wasted time as files get transferred between sites
  • An improved office environment with less paper

The Process (Docuvan’s Onsite Scanning Service)

Docuvan’s onsite scanning service helps to overcome some of the challenges associated with scanning sensitive HR and Payroll files:

  • By scanning onsite your documents remain on your premises therefore the files remain secure and confidential
  • If a file is required during the scanning process we can provide the paper document quickly and easily as we are ‘just down the hall’. Thus, the disruption to existing processes is limited.
  • Further, by being onsite the number of documents being prepared and scanned at a particular time can be minimised.