Docuvan announces Oceania collaboration with cultural heritage experts New Zealand Micrographic Services

 As distributors and resellers of high-end scanning equipment, Docuvan cater to a broad range of industries within Oceania.  Their diversity of customers include government, libraries, galleries and art houses, through to banks, utilities, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, medical, and insurance providers.

 Docuvan are pleased to announce a strategic agreement with New Zealand Micrographic Services (NZMS), that will allow the NZ-based company to offer Bookeye® Book Scanners and WideTEK® Wide Format, Flatbed and Art Scanners to its customers.  These scanners can help organisations achieve FADGI, METAMORFOZE, ISO 19264-1 compliant digitisation of cultural heritage collections — especially suited to historical records, maps, photos, books, and ephemera.

 The collaboration between Docuvan and NZMS deepens the focus on scanning technology that can better benefit cultural heritage practitioners and organisations.  The recent release of the 5th generation Bookeye range of kiosk and professional book scanners is a significant development because it means cultural heritage customers can efficiently digitise their collections to high standards.  The technology behind the new Bookeye 5, continues to raise the bar on their already industry leading book digitising solutions.

 NZMS (located in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch) assists customers seeking to digitise their collections for the purposes of access, preservation, management, and learning. Organisations can protect and preserve diverse special collections with the help of NZMS who skilfully identifies solutions to best suit a range of unique needs and requirements.

 Andy Fenton, co-founder, and Managing Director, of NZMS, observed that:

 “When you mix the leading technology with talented people who know how to handle (and intuitively respect and care for) cultural heritage materials, you can change people’s lives.  Increasingly, our customers are asking us to consult on in-house as well as outsourced digitisation solutions.  This combination provides the most flexibility and ensures their collections are available 24/7 (beyond their physical walls) so they can meet customer needs and expectations.”

 NZMS has decades of experience working within Aotearoa New Zealand’s cultural heritage/GLAMIR sector. It has a highly skilled team that have digitised some of the country’s most significant heritage records and collections.  NZMS delivers exceptional advice, training, and support, for customers seeking to adopt solutions for digital transformation including making them accessible online using its innovative Recollect community engagement platform.

 Scan2Net® technology forms the basis of all Bookeye® and WideTEK® scanners and it eliminates the need for proprietary drivers or interface cards. It uses what is currently the fastest open connection to PC-based systems: TCP/IP over ethernet.

“Docuvan provides the equipment, software, training and technical support to help organisations undertake document scanning in their own facilities, anywhere in the Oceania region… The German-made Bookeye and WideTEK ranges set the standard for efficient digitisation of an extensive range of records,” says Richard Tapps, CEO of Docuvan.

 Richard Tapps and Andy Fenton spearheaded the development of this innovative trans-Tasman partnership.  Together Docuvan and NZMS can empower customers to undertake their own digitisation projects to an exceptionally high standard.

 The two companies will help customers integrate document management systems with custom digitisation workflows for most legacy/paper-based records as well as supply kiosk-style imaging stations.