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PDF archive

PDF Archive: What is PDF/A?

PDF/A is a format specialized for long-term preservation of electronic documents. It ensures all needed information is included to render the document exactly as the original in the future and on any system. PDF/A is now an ISO standard and recommended by public archives administrations and archiving companies worldwide.

Compared to standard PDF, PDF/A is much more restrictive. This is to ensure that the document is fully contained in the file.

Advantages and benefits of PDF/A

  • All used fonts are included in the file: Text will always appear the same
  • Platform independence: Documents are ensured to look the same on any device
  • Full text search: Scanned documents can be made searchable through OCR
  • Colors are clearly defined and preserved
  • Metadata (information about the document) in a standard format is mandatory

How to convert and keep your archived documents in PDF/A

By using PixEdit software you ensure that all your electronic documents are compliant with the PDF/A standard.


PDF/A software

PixEdit Server

  • Server service for automatic processing of documents from scanners, e-mails and network folders

PixEdit Converter Server

  • Automatic file format converting on server

PixEdit Desktop

  • Scanning and converting to PDF
  • PDF Editing


  • Viewing
  • Printing
  • Safe redaction


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