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PixEdit® Document system integration

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Document system integration

PixEdit® is being used in a huge range of document management systems and applications, from the simplest file folder setups to complex DMS and ECM systems. To cover all these types of use and allow easy integration, our software offers you several good options and a lot of flexibility.

In production scanning and document management, one of the cornerstones is to have a reliable, efficient and automatic system for separating batches into individual documents and identify them for indexing. With PixEdit®, you have several ways to do this:

  • Barcode sheets or stickers
  • Generic separation sheets
  • Highlighter pen, yellow marker
  • Page intervals
  • Forms Processing

Each method has its pros and cons, and which one you choose will depend on your company’s applications, workflow and requirements.

Learn more about separation and automatic registration of batch-scanned documents

PixEdit® can also be integrated directly with your DMS by using its COM Application Programming Interface (API). With a little VisualBasic or C# programming, you will be able to control and automate the whole scanning process and the saving of document files.
Tutorial Videos

We can also offer programming services to help you with your integration job.

Network scanners and multifunction printers are usually set up to deliver scanned documents in shared folders on your intranet. PixEdit® Desktop can be set up to watch these folders and display and process the documents as they come in from the scanner.

Seamless integration with DMS through web services.

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