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PixEdit® Automation on workstation

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  • Automation on workstation

    Save time on repetitive tasks with PixEdit Desktop software

    Do you often find yourself doing the same sequence of editing operations over and over, page by page, document by document? You can increase the efficiency of such work enormously by using time saving software features:

    Batch Wizard

    With this tool you can improve, optimize and convert existing archives of scanned files. An easy user interface will guide you through the required steps to process several documents in the same operation.


    A macro in PixEdit® is simply a sequence of editing commands listed in a text file. Each command can be just about any of those editing operations that you can do interactively in PixEdit®. Here are some examples:

    • Clean up operations
    • Image enhancements
    • Page rearranging, joining, splitting, etc.
    • Inserting logos, text or graphical objects
    • Copying, moving or erasing areas on a page


    This unique technology exploits the great potential of modern multi-processor computers. It lets you set up several scan processing workflows that runs in parallel and in the background. For example, you can let DocServer automatically take over the job of cleaning up, optimizing and storing a document right after it has been scanned. You may then continue working, scanning new documents or editing them.

    Batch Wizard

    Tutorial video


    Tutorial video

    PixEdit Desktop


    Combination of server and workstation software

    Utilize all available hardware with

    • Document processing on server
    • Scanner management and manual check and verification on workstation



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